SRT10000 Spill Response Trailer
Spill Containment Trailers

Spill Response Trailer SRT10000

Spill Response Trailer SRT10000

The Spill Response Trailer SRT10000 contains sufficient material to cope with spills of up to 10000 liters. Suitable for pipeline construction sites, mine sites, truck yards, refueling depots, supply stations, response agencies. It is ideal for high-risk areas such as sites near lakes and rivers, foreshore, fish farms. Customize to your specific needs with our bundles.

7’x14’ Spill Response Trailer (Standard) 7000lbs


*Other sizes optional, subject to availability

All basic trailers contain these absorbant products:

For detailed information and quantities on the Spill Response Trailer SRT10000 please download and print/save the SRT10000 PDF file associated with this model

Spill Response Trailers

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