Environmental Protection Trailer SRT10000plus

Spill Response Trailer SRT10000plus

The Spill Response Trailer SRT10000plus contains sufficient material to cope with spills of up to 10000 liters. It is well equipped for areas where staff is not necessarily equipped to protect themselves and the environment.

Pipeline construction sites, truck yards, refueling depots, supply stations, response centres, logging sites and camps. It is ideal for high-risk areas such as sites near lakes and rivers, and foreshore areas such as near fish farms and kelp & oyster cultivation areas.

Equipped to work in the dark. It is the ideal spill preparedness unit for sensitive areas, high-traffic environment and anywhere where massive response may be required.

Don’t ever underestimate the size of your situation! Here is a standard bill-of-materials configuration:

7’x14’ Spill Response Trailer (Standard) 7000lbs

*Other sizes optional, subject to availability

Spill Response Trailer 2kw Generator

All trailers contain these absorbant products:

The Plus Configuration:Spill Response Trailers Shop Buy Now

The Environmental Protection and Spill Response Trailer SRT10000plus quite simply represents the best-value-for-money of all our units.

As always, all kinds of personalisation, colours, look and feel, corporate standards are available. For detailed information and quantities on this unit download and print/save the SRT10000plus PDF file associated with this ultimate solution.

SRT10000plus Content PDF File

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