Environmental Protection Trailer SRT5000HC

Environmental Protection Trailer SRT5000HC

The Spill Response Trailer SRT5000HC is our ‘more-than-adequate’ Environmental Protection & Containment Trailer specifically for small hydrocarbon-only spills where fast and massive response to contain up to 5000 liters is required. It is suited for excavating sites, pipelines worksites, refuelling depots, forestry camps, bridge construction, dam sites.

6’x10’ Single Axle Spill Response Trailer – 5000 Litre

Spill Response Trailer SRT5000 Front

*Other colours & sizes optional, subject to availability

The following materials are adequate for most small hydrocarbon-only spills:


You can find more details and quantity information on the Spill Response Trailer SRT5000HC by downloading and printing/saving the SRT5000HC PDF file  associated with this model:

Spill Response Trailer SRT5000 Rear


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