Spill Response Trailers

Increased industrial production, vehicular traffic, urban & rural densities, environmental awareness, and the potentially punitive failure to clean-up all have one requirement in common:   the need for SPILL RESPONSE TRAILERS.

With 30 years of industry experience we configure, assemble and provide leading-edge spill response equipment. In particular, our Spill Response Trailers meet the stringent parameters of todays’ performance expectations:

 •  highly mobile •  quality
 •  fully equipped •  compliant
 •  multi-purpose •  audit-able
 •  maintainable •  affordable

Our trailers contain only the best materials that industry can provide.

Much of the equipment we provide adheres to stringent standards:


A Spill Response Service for Industry

A Spill Response Service for Industry

Western Canada’s premier supplier of Spill Response Trailers and equipment. Our Spill Response Service and Trailers are a fit for virtually all industries, for virtually any situation, city, rural or remote, for virtually any spill situation.

For virtually all industries:  For spill applications such as:
 •  Mining  •  Acid
 •  Oil & Gas  •  Organic
 •  First Nations  •  Alkaline
 •  Fuel Suppliers  •  Effluents
 •  Transportation  •  Oxidizers
 •  First Responders  •  Hydrocarbons
 •  Marinas & Docks  •  Bio-hazardous
 •  Equipment Service  •  Most Chemicals

Spill Response Service

Spill Response ServcePrepare for the worst !Spill Response Service

Spill Response Trailer Models and Capacities

We manufacture four spill response trailer models, SRTxxxxx, each of which can be customized to specific requirements. A spill response centre, or SRC, is equipped to control, and assist in managing the activities of numerous spill response trailers for larger applications. The model number suggests the size of the spill in litres. Naturally we can provide customs colours, equipment, labelling, packaging on request at sufficient notice.

 Model  Content  Availability
 SRT5000 Sorbent Products for 5000 litre spills  In Stock
 SRT5000plus Sorbent Products and additional equipment for responding to 5000 litre spills  In Stock
 SRT10000 Sorbent Products for 10,000 litre spills  In Stock
 SRT10000plus Sorbent Products and additional equipment for responding to 10,000 litre spills  In Stock
 SRT Options Virtually every perceivable spill-response and -management option and accessory that can be added to a trailer, limited only by GVWR. 1-3 weeks
SRC100kMax A customized container that allows for the management of a large hazmat spill incident involving numerous trailers.  6-8 weeks