Spill Trailer Accessories
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Spill Response Trailers - Tools - Firemans Axe 35
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Accessory Bundles

Accessory Bundles

Our base trailers are equipped with absorbent and are typically augmented with accessory bundles that meet the requirements of your specific:

  • application
  • physical environment
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Corporate HSE requirements
  • Local legislation
  • ECRC’s LSEP compliance



 Accessory Bundle Name Contents
PPE Basic Accessory Bundles Basic PPE Bundle Personal Protection for six Responders
Tools Bundle Tools for cutting, opening, breaking, shoveling…
Compressed Air Bundle Compressed Air Bundle Forms the basis of hole-cutting into upturned tanks
Power Bundle Power Bundle Generator, cables, lights, fuel
Pump Bundle 2″ Trash Pump, intake hoses, discharge hoses
Safety Bundle Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Eyewash Station, delineation
Decon Bundle Three-station berms, lines, sprayers, wands, brushes
Ditch Siphon Bundle 4″ PVC piping & elbows, safety fencing, rebar
Fall Arrest Bundle Fall Arrest Bundle Single person harness, lanyard, 50′ lifeline
Traffic Safety Sign Bundle Traffic Safety Sign Bundle Single highway incident signage
Turbidity Curtain Bundle Turbidity Curtain Bundle Easily manage run-offs


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