Decon Bundle


  • 3000 psi 3gpm Pressure Washer and accessories
  • Telescoping Pressure Washer Pole
  • InstaBerm – 20x30x12″ L-Rod Run-off Containment Berm
  • 48” Mini Berm (3), 20×30’ HD Tarp
  • Hot/Medium/Clean hoses (3) and sprayers assortment
  • Hot/Medium/Clean 5g pails (8)
  • Flagging Tapes & Warning Banners
  • Spray wands & sprayer backpacks (3)
  • Step-ladders for responder safety (3)
  • Brushes, brooms, squeegees, cleaner
  • Hazmat Waste Bags & Containers
  • Traffic delineation cones (15)
  • Safety Cones (10)


1 in stock (can be backordered)


This ‘Decon Bundle’ provides a complete single-line decontamination station and tools for any level non-radioactive hazmat spill event. Three Station Hot/Medium/Clean plus simple Rinse – Simple delineation, marking, hose reticulation, containment, hand soap sprayers, hand rinse wands, waste disposal. Pressure Washer and for equipment cleanup.

This decon bundle may require a trailer size upgrade depending on other options…

We know how to keep responders safe in any situation:

  • Decades of ‘dirt under the fingernails’ experience
  • Self-contained maintainability in the field
  • Operational functionality and efficiency
  • Fiscal prudence and affordability




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