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1              Pricing

We sell to international clients and the North American markets. Our website, e-commerce store, price book and all documentation is based on Canadian practices, procurement standards and shipping procedures. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Canadian federal and provincial taxes are applied where appropriate at the time of purchase. All products must be paid in full before they can be shipped.

2              Shipping

All product sold to Canadian destinations is on a Free-on-Board (FOB) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada basis unless expressly quoted otherwise. 

All product sold to international destinations is sold Free-on-Board (FOB) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and shipped by sea unless indicated otherwise at the time of checkout and payment. All local and foreign port-handling charges, freight, delivery fees, duties, customs brokerage etc are the responsibility of the purchaser. We will assist the purchaser on a case-by-case basis where possible. Additional fees may apply for this facilitation. 

3            Registration

All registration of any trailer is the responsibility of the purchaser. We will provide statement-of-origin, deed-of-sale to facilitate all registration.

4            Exportation

All processes pertaining to the exportation of any goods or trailers are the responsibility of the purchaser. We will provide all title documentation, deed-of-sale, statement-of-origin and invoicing documentation to facilitate exportation.

5            Insurance

All product is shipped FOB Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and all insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser. We will not be held responsible for any damages or loss whatsoever.

6           Questions

Questions regarding our Conditions of Usage, Privacy Policy, Shipping or other policy related material can be directed to our support staff by clicking on the “Contact Us” link in the side menu. Or you can email us at: trailersales@spillresponstrailers.com

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