Environmental Protection Centre SRC100kMax

Environmental Protection Centre


The SRC100kMax is designed to allow cleanup of spill up to 100,000 liters of hydrocarbon. It is well equipped for areas where staff is not necessarily equipped to protect themselves and the environment. Pipeline construction sites, truck yards, refueling depots, supply stations, response centres, logging sites and camps.

Spill Response Trailers

It is ideal for high-risk areas such as sites near lakes and rivers, and foreshore areas such as near fish farms and kelp & oyster cultivation areas. Equipped to work in the dark. It is the ideal spill preparedness unit for sensitive areas, high-traffic environment and anywhere where massive response may be required.

The SRC100kMax is the result of thirty years of knowledge in the response industry and it goes beyond the level typically found in small mobile units.

Naturally the content of this unit is customized to meet the specifics of your application, HazMat conditions, size and demographics.

For detailed information and quantities on the Spill Response Centre SRC100kMax please download and print/save the SRC100kMax PDF file associated with this unit:

Spill Response Centre SRC100kMax