Trailer Models

Spill Response Trailer Models

We build many different Hazmat and Spill Response Trailer models, SRTxxxxx, each of which can be customized to specific site and response requirements.

From 6’x10’ Single Axle to 8.5′ x 30′ Double Axle trailers depending on contents, and beyond…

Spill Response Trailer Models

*Other colours & sizes optional, subject to availability

  • EZ-lube Single or Double Axle
  • Premium Factory Eco-Paint
  • HD Industrial Steel Shelving
  • Rear Ramp Style Door style (opt)
  • Side door Interior light, pad locks
  • Shelf tie downs, drum straps, labeling
  • HD Equipment Totes for loose Inventory
  • Emergency Spare Wheel
  • Trailer Immobilizer Wheel Lock

Pick a model that meets your basic spill capacity requirements and go from there. Add your required functionality with one of our add-on Accessory Bundles.

 Model  Content  Availability


Sorbent Products for 5,000 litre spills    In Stock


Sorbent Products for 10,000 litre spills    In Stock


Hydrocarbon-only 5,000 litre spills    In Stock


A customized seacan that allows for the management of a large hazmat spill incident involving large tankers or storage silos     6-8 weeks

Spill Response Trailers Models - SRC100kmax