All basic trailers contain the following products:

  • Absorbent Materials for
    • HydroCarbons
    • Water-based liquids
    • Hazmat Liquids such as acids and alkalis
  • Various Sealant Materials
  • Emergency Spare Wheel
  • Trailer Immobilizer Wheel Lock
  • No compromises
  • Available for international sale
  • Prices in CAD ex Victoria BC.
  • Customize with our bundles for your specific needs. Larger trailer may be required.

Environmental Protection Trailer SRT10000

The SRT10000 contains sufficient material to cope with spills of up to 10000 liters.

It is well equipped for areas where responders are not necessarily prepared to protect the environment.

  • Mine sites
  • Pipeline construction sites
  • truck yards
  • refueling depots
  • supply stations
  • response centres
  • First Nations communities
  • forestry camps
  • kelp farms
  • fish farms

It is ideal for high-risk areas such as sites near lakes and rivers, foreshore, fish farms, oyster and kelp operations.

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Water-based liquids
  • Hazmat Liquids such as acids and alkalis

Thirty years of industry experience ensure peace-of-mind in the choice of the materials and tools in this unit.

No compromises.

8.5′ x 22’ Double Axle Spill Response Trailer – 10000 Liter**

*Other colours, sizes & content optional, subject to availability and need

  • Vee-Nose configuration on this year’s models.
  • EZ-lube Double Axle
  • Electric brakes on all wheels
  • Premium Factory Eco-Paint
  • HD Industrial Steel Shelving
  • Rear Ramp Style Door style
  • Side door Interior light, pad locks
  • Shelf tie downs, drum straps, labeling
  • HD Equipment Totes for loose Inventory

In Canada contact us for leasing or rental arrangements. 

** Typically an SRT10000 turns into a larger trailer based on the accessory bundles our clients add.



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