Ditch Siphon Bundle


  • Horizontal culvert PVC Pipe 4” x 10’ (6)
  • Culvert elbow PVC 90° 4” (6)
  • Culvert elbow PVC 45° 4” (6)
  • Vertical culvert PVC Pipe 4” x 2’ (6)
  • Pipe Coupler PVC 4” (4)
  • PVC Pipe Cement 16oz
  • Safety Fencing 4’ x 100’ for exclusion
  • Rebar, ½” x 6’ x twenty to anchor pipes and safety fence
  • Rebar Case 4″ x 6′ with end-caps
  • Post Punder
  • Detailed instructions and access to our training video

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Our ‘Ditch Siphon Bundle’  adds a simple yet crucial product to any trailer that will respond to a spill along a road, ditch, on a hill or river valley.

Drainage ditches and culverts next to a road on a hill can be the spill manager’s worst nightmare…or best friend by using this simple set of tools.

We design, spec, assemble and distribute many different applications of Environmental Protection & Spill Containment/Response Trailers.

  • Decades of ‘dirt under the fingernails’ experience
  • Self-contained maintainability in the field
  • Operational functionality and efficiency
  • Fiscal prudence and affordability



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