All basic SRT5000 trailers contain the following products:

  • Absorbent Materials for
    • HydroCarbons
    • Water-based liquids
    • Hazmat Liquids such as acids and alkalis
  • Various Sealant Materials
  • Emergency Spare Wheel
  • Trailer Hitch Immobilizer Lock
  • Thirty years of industry experience ensure peace-of-
    mind in the choice of the materials and tools in this unit.
  • No compromises
  • Available for international sale
  • Prices in CAD ex Victoria, British Columbia

The SRT5000 is our entry-level unit. It specifically designed for small worksites, truck yards, supply depots and remote locations where spills must be mitigated quickly. It contains sufficient materials to cope with a spill up to 5000 liter.

6’x12’ Single Axle Spill Response Trailer – 5000 Litre

*Other colours, sizes & content optional, subject to availability and need

  • EZ-lube Unbraked Single Axle
  • Premium Factory Eco-Paint
  • HD Industrial Steel Shelving
  • Rear Ramp Style Door style
  • Side door Interior light, puck locks
  • Shelf tie downs, drum straps, labeling
  • HD Equipment Totes for loose Inventory

In Canada contact us for leasing or rental arrangements. 



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