Pump Bundle


  • Trash Pump, 2” Honda 710lpm 30m head


  • Trash Pump, 2” Yamaha 700lpm 28m head
  • Discharge Hose 2” 50’ Camlock Newline (6)
  • Intake Suction Hose 2” 20’ Camlock Newline (2)
  • 20L gas can (2)
  • Fuel Funnel 10”
  • Fuel Stabilizer, synthetic engine oil
  • Storage Tote (2)
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The Pump Bundle greatly adds to your response trailer’s effectiveness. Every spill responder needs water! Or not so much…

Ideal for watering/dewatering, suppression, dust control, controlling spill flow direction, decon and general washdown requirements.

We provide many different solutions to ensure you have the right tools on your Response Trailers.

  • Decades of ‘dirt under the fingernails’ experience
  • Self-contained maintainability in the field
  • Operational functionality and efficiency
  • Fiscal prudence and affordability


Pump Manufacturer

Yamaha 2" Trash Pump, Honda 2" Trash Pump


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