Safety Bundle


  • First Aid Kit Level 1 BC w/Rescue Breather
  • Eye Wash Station Dual 32oz
  • ERG & HazMat Guides
  • Air Horn 120db
  • Fire Extinguisher 20lb 10A:120B:C Dry Chem
  • Bracket Fire Extinguisher
  • Sign – Fire Extinguisher
  • Tape Caution 3” x 1000’
  • Tape Danger 3” x 1000’
  • Spray Paint Hi-Viz Orange (6)
  • Water Can Potable 20L
  • Whistle Safety (2)
  • Large 12000lm flashlight
  • Equipment Tote 30 gallon
  • Various Safety Signs

1 in stock (can be backordered)

This Safety Bundle augments your trailer. Safety First, Safety Always!

Generic safety equipment beyond PPE, yet for the additional safety and benefit of responders, victims, onlookers. A must-have for every trailer in the field…

We provide many different solutions to ensure you have the right tools on your Response Trailer.

  • Decades of ‘dirt under the fingernails’ experience
  • Self-contained maintainability in the field
  • Operational functionality and efficiency
  • Fiscal prudence and affordability






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