Power Bundle


  • 2/2.2Kw Gasoline Generator/Inverter, Honda or Yamaha, based on price/availability
  • 2 x 50’ 16/3 Extension Cord All Weather
  • 1 x 100′ 12/3 Extension Cord All Weather
  • Dual light Flood-light System with Stand, 3000lm
  • Fuel Jerry Can 3 gallon
  • Mercury Marine Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer
  • Mercury Marine Storage Seal Fogging Oil
  • Racor Fuel/Water separating funnel
  • 36”x36”x4” Mini Berm for containment
  • Tote, Heavy Duty, Equipment, 30g
  • Engine Oil Synthetic Engine 1L
  • Personalized Maintenance Manual
  • Spare Sparkplug
  • Plus shipping of your choice…
    Spill Response Trailers Generator Commercial
    Optional Commercial…

    Spill Response Trailer Generator

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Our ‘Power Bundle’ augments your mostly absorbent-based SRTxxxx trailer. It complements very specific response- and prevention-requirements with incident-proven tools – a must-have addition for any field environment when it gets dark. Let there be light…when you need it…every time! We know how!

We design, spec, assemble and distribute many different flavors of Environmental Protection & Spill Containment/Response Trailers. We base our recommendations on:

  • Decades of ‘dirt under the fingernails’ experience
  • Self-contained maintainability in the field
  • Operational functionality and efficiency
  • Fiscal prudence and affordability



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