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Retainer for Services Fee

We assess, spec and build spill and hazmat response solutions for any eventuality! Much of Spill Response Trailers’ products and services are clearly defined regarding:

  • Application
  • Scope
  • Content
  • Cost

As such many innovative and industry-leading products and services are available through our ecommerce website at https://www.spillresponsetrailers.com/shop/.

For product and service requirements that are less clearly defined by the client, such as complex hazmat response situations, complex geographic locations, Spill Response Trailers invariably engages a ‘Retainer for Service Fee’ model to determine the specific requirements of the project. In close consultation with the client, we will create a requirements definition may include, but not be limited to:

  • Defining the nature of project
  • Level of response
  • Level of protection
  • Level of remediation
  • Level of decontamination
  • Jurisdictional considerations
  • Sourcing of products
  • Contingencies
  • Bill of Materials
  • Options/upgrades available for expansion/increased risk
  • Training Requirements
  • Costs associated with the project

Spill Response Trailers’ Retainer for Service Fee is structured as follows:

  • CAD3,600.00 minimum @ CAD150.00 per hour plus applicable taxes
  • Minimum payable in advance before commencement of requirements definition
  • All materials of the requirements definition become the property of the client
  • 50% credited upon purchase of products and services from us
  • All potential travel, subsistence, and other disbursements where site visits are required will be billed additionally
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