Spill Response Trailer Rental

We build many different Hazmat and Spill Response Trailer models. Most are available for short- or long-term rental. Avoid capital expenditure.

From 6’x10’ Single Axle to 8.5′ x 30′ Double Axle trailers depending on capacity and application…

We inventory, you rent, return, we inventory, you pay for consumption. Easy.

Spill Response Trailer Rental 6x10
SRT5000 6x12 Spill Response Trailer with Tools, PPE and Ditch Siphon Bundle

  • EZ-lube Single or Double Axle
  • HD Industrial Steel Shelving
  • Rear ramp, side door
  • Interior light, door locks
  • Shelf tie downs, drum straps, labeling
  • HD Equipment Totes for loose Inventory
  • Emergency Spare Wheel
  • Trailer Immobilizer Lock

Choose a model that meets your basic spill capacity requirements and go from there. All trailers include long handled tools, waste disposal equipment

 Model  Content  Application  Availability  Cost/m


Sorbent Product for 5,000 litre spills Road construction site, pipeline, municipal Out – Q3/23


Hydrocarbon-only 5,000 litre spills Fuel Depot, municipal, events Out – Q3/23


Sorbent Product for 10,000 litre spills Construction site, fish farm, fuel depot Out 5400


Product for 10,000 litre plus complete PPE, tools, safety gear. A complete response solution Mine sites, major road con, large construction sites Out 9400

Contact us below to reserve your rental today:

Spill Response Trailer Rental SRT10000 8x24

SRT10000 plus decon tools, ppe

See our Rental Policy here

spill response trailer rental

spill response trailer rental







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