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COVID-19 Lease

Spill Response Trailer SRT5000plus Rear

💥COVID-19 Lease💥

Our COVID-19 LEASE makes a lot of sense

Spill Response Trailer Lease Program

COVID-19 has created a new world and with it many uncertainties. CASH IS KING! The future of many industries is in the balance. Supply chains are being threatened. Livelihoods are at risk.

Yet the need to protect our infrastructure has not diminished. In fact we are doing more with less. Our lease program is a viable solution during this period of economic challenge.

Our rates are excellent. A budget sample could look like this:

  • CAD13,000 Trailer Cost – $253/ month – Term of 5 Years
  • CAD22,000 Trailer Cost – $469/month – Term of 5 Years

DO NOT SPEND CASH when we have a viable alternative with many benefits. Use cash to finance your business, look after your business, your staff. Your monthly lease cost is tax deductible as an operating expense! Win-win!

Spill Response Trailer Lease ProgramSpill Response Trailers SRT10000Plus

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