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New SRT5000HC Model

SRT5000HC hydrocarbon trailer

💥New SRT5000HC – Our new trailer 💥

Spill Response Trailer SRT5000HC

Many of our customers have requested a no-nonsense hydrocarbon-spill only response trailer. The Environmental Protection Trailer SRT5000HC is it. It contains sufficient sorbent products and materials to cope with most small spills that require big & fast response.

 Standard Trailer Configuration
 • GVW EZ lube axles
 • Rear door (ramp or barn door, DOA)
 • Side door Interior light
 • HD Industrial Steel Shelving
 • Shelf tie downs and drum straps
 • Other options, colours, sizes on request

The following materials are adequate for most small hydrocarbon-only spills:

 Item  Description
 15 x SRT-1200 Heavy Weight Oil Absorbent Pads Bundle
 40 x  SRT-510 5” x 10’ – Linkable Oil Absorbent Booms
 10 x SRT-O396-E 3” x 8′ Oil Absorbent Socks
 6 x SRT-OG30 Oil Gator Premium Granular Absorbent
 6 x SRT-XS30 X-Sorb Absorbent Granule
 4 x SRT-1-PMPA Plug n’ Dike 16oz
 1 x SRT-DBAG HD Yellow Hazmat Disposal Bags

You can find more details and quantity information on the SRT5000HC by downloading and printing/saving the SRT5000HC PDF file  associated with this model:SRT5000HC hydrocarbon trailer


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