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Supreme Court Rules Against Horgan


đź’ĄSupreme Court Rules đź’Ą


This is excellent news. Mr. Horgan needs to understand despite his NDP and union-style ‘incentives’, money does not grow on trees. In this province we have managed to destroy the fishing industry that once flourished, continue to export worthless logs instead of manufacturing something useful with them, effectively destroying margins, are unable to incentivize any real industrial development which could generate many well-paying jobs and stabilize a workforce. We love flipping burgers at $12.65/h. Not!

Unless we start being a little bit more business-like in this province, reducing government-burden and do something that generates some GDP, it will be a case of ‘last one out, turn off the lights’ very soon. We have more oil in Alberta than we, they, know what to do with. Let’s take out share of export profits, seeing nobody has the government support to build a refinery on the west coast. And no, you can’t tax this province into prosperity, John Horgan​.

As an industry, those of us involved in pipeline, spill prevention, WHMIS, environmental sciences, trucking, education etc, are more than capable of mitigating anything that may arise from running some old through a well-managed pipeline network.

I suggest government, both Canadian Federal, and this British Columbia inefficiency called the NDP, gets out of mismanaging resources they have absolutely zero idea about and leave that to competent private enterprise. Maybe provide some tax-breaks to those who actually work and produce. We are getting tired of leechers funded by overtaxed British Columbians.

By the way, did you enjoy the the warmth that you enjoyed in your home in the last week, even here on the island? How was your office in Victoria, Mr. Horgan? Much of that heat came from hydrocarbons…

Let’s get on with these pipelines!


supreme court rules against horgan


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