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💥NEED – Uncrewed Surface Vehicle 💥

Calling all manufacturers of USV.

We are working toward expanding our Rapid Deployment Solutions carried in our response units and as such are interested in a relationship with a manufacturer of Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USV). Each unit would carry such a USV for  general deployment of boom, absorbents, barriers and for general work on inshore waters.

  • Dimensions: Nominal 120cm long x <80cm wide x <50cm high
  • Weight: <20kg
  • Range: 500 meters
  • Power: Lithium batteries are a given, 20000mAh, 120 minutes run time
  • Construction: FRP or HDPE
  • Telemetry: Self-homing, video

If you are a manufacturer of such a system that would be suitable please call us.

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